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ACF Team
ACF Team

Herman Claassens FOUNDER/CEO

Herman Claassens is a highly knowledgeable retail expert with almost 50 years experience in both large and small business. He has traded in the markets, developed various brands and driven successful marketing strategies.

The information below is a snapshot of Herman's experience but does not adequately describe the value Herman brings to his roles in creating, developing and building the Australian Culinary Foods business.

Herman is passionate about applying his vast experience to creating Australian Culinary Foods from inception, and to back his belief in Australian Gourmet and Organic products as the best in the world.

Within the retail and food industries in Australia, Herman has a fantastic reputation with his advice highly valued and his counsel widely sort.

Experience summary:

  • 17 years experience with GJ Coles Supermarkets as a senior executive. Achievements include opening new stores and achieving all financial goals.
  • 2 years with Grace Brothers as a Group manager. Achievements include store refurbishments, re-launches and managing the group with the first regional store to achieve $100 million in one year.
  • 3 years as Marketing Director and part-owner of Payless Supermarkets. Achieved high return on investment, with 300 staff and a turnover of $30 million
  • 9 years as part owner of a large produce wholesale company procuring produce for independent retailers across NSW. The company was sold to Metcash.
  • Established subsidiary company to supply packaged produce to the major retailers i.e. Coles, Franklins, Aldi and Woolworth’s
  • Consulted as a food consultant to the largest independent gourmet deli in Sydney. Worked with over 400 suppliers
  • Current Managing  Director/Owner of Cape Spice Australia Pty Ltd
  • Current Managing Director/Owner of Global Branding management  Pty Ltd
  • Owner Director/CEO of Global Brand Resources Pvt India

  • Brand Owner Daylicious Rosella Flowers


Michael King - Logistics Director

Michael King is a highly skilled cost manager and logistics expert. He brings his determination to Australian Culinary Foods, and his skills to ensure the detail works.

Michael has a background in retail and manufacturing and has worked for Sanitarium in management roles, including operations and logistics, export and cost management.

Michael’s multi-faceted career with one of Australia’s leading cereal manufacturers has placed him at the forefront of the company’s export drive.

Michael has a flair for costing – an essential component in the development of pricing and management for international trade where tax variations, exchange rates, supplier costs, logistics and many other factors must be managed to provide optimal outcomes.

There is a need to understand the intricacies of how to move product from Australia to anywhere in the world, and Michael provides the expertise in this area.

Costs of exporting plays an important role in managing this process, as well as making sure product is received in a timely and saleable manner.

Michael has extensive experience in costing systems and is considered to be at the cutting edge of costing systems - delivering information on which informed decisions can be made, and more importantly, can be relied upon.

  • Currently Logistics Director/Owner of Cape Spice Australia Pty Ltd
  • Currently Logistics Director/Owner of Global Branding Management Pty Ltd

  • Owner Director/Logistics. Global Brand Resources Pvt India


Himanshu Vyas Director India

Himanshu is our partner in India. His understanding of business disciplines and his willingness to embrace the ACF concept makes him a key asset to our team. We are very excited to have Himanshu on board.

Himanshu has 8 years experience in the Indian international food business, having developed projects in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and Export Oriented Units (EOU). He has also worked closely with Indian Government officals from the Indian Organic Farmers Groups.

Himanshu runs our new operations in India which are fully HACCP and Organic certified. This is a world class facility and enables us to produce products for international trade. Our new facility in India also allows us to trade commodities across all segments of the food industry. ACF is currently trading in rice, spices, glass, packaging materials and developing new products for export markets.

Himanshu holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemicals, Mumbai University.


Olaf Kretzschmar - Legal IP Consultant

You only own your business name with a trademark. Even though we think it's enough, registering a business name or domain name in Australia does not mean you own that name. Under the law, if someone else has a trademark that is similar to your business name, they can stop your business You only own your name with a trademark! Businesses selling products and services overseas, or getting products made and importing them, need international Trademarks to secure their brand.

Trademarks are the most cost effective way for Australian businesses to protect their name, products and reputation overseas. By not getting a trademark in a country where you are active or plan to be active, you are leaving your business out in the open. Every country has their own rules to manage and register trademarks, and we work within those rules to file your trademark to protect your business best. International trademarks have to be applied for in the country itself, and there is no such thing as a global trademark network of attorneys that can protect your business.

With IP SERVICE INTERNATIONAL your business is covered. We manage international applications across a range of countries, and have an extensive network of attorneys that can protect your business. With IP SERVICE INTERNATIONAL your business is covered.  We are experts in international trademarks and IP. 
  • Trademark Protection
  • German European
  • Intellectual Property Protectio
  • Trademark Portfolio Administration

Ask us for a quote! info@trademark-lawyers.com.au. Call (02) 90898855                       

Beatrice Stuber née Jordi - International Law

The international commercial law experience provided by Beatrice is a great contribution to the Australian Culinary Foods business.

Her ability to deal with a multitude of issues related to international law, and her relationships in international trade, will help to build on the the reputation ACF has established over the past eighte years. 

Beatrice is a practicing lawyer in Switzerland and Australia. Her areas of expertise include:

*  international tax law
*  international corporate law
*  international estate law
*  Australian corporate and commercial law
*  Australian estate law and succession planning
*  Australian intellectual property law
*  Australian tax law


Greg Adams - Finance Director

Greg is a business adviser and chartered accountant with vast experience in many industries. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the Australian Culinary Foods management team.

After graduating from the University of Western Sydney in 1988, Greg spent many years auditing and advising leading growers and producers in the Riverina area of New South Wales before establishing a boutique chartered accounting and business advisory firm in Sydney.

Greg is highly experienced in financial services and property, including exposure to statutory reporting, management accounting and taxation. He is responsible for all accounting (management and financial), tax and ad hoc support needs - including statutory reporting.


Sander Bos - Importer, Overseas Representative

ACF has established an operating company in the Netherlands to market, warehouse and distribute Australian food products, which is managed by European representative Sander Bos.

Sander has extensive experience in food buying and selling in Europe. He has worked in his own business, representing food products into Europe which are mainly sourced from Australia and South Africa, and has worked in large companies – like Simplot – as a Europe and Middle East Sales representative. Sander has also worked for Amas Export bv, Trade Continat bv and Alpha Trading Company bv.

Sander speaks Dutch, English, German and French.