Logistics Infrastructure
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Logistics Infrastructure

Transport by road

West Brabant is situated on the axis London-Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Brussels-Paris. A number of motorways running through West Brabant (A16, A27, A58, A29, A59) guarantee fast and good connections with the main ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and harbours in the Sloe region of Zeeland. These connections - also indicated on the map - guarantee easy access to other European markets such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom as previously mentioned. West Brabant lies midway between the metropolises of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Amsterdam and the Ruhr region, one of the largest concentrations of industries and consumers in Europe. In addition the "domestic market" with 650,000 inhabitants and more than 30,000 businesses should not be ignored.

The proximity is shown in the following summary:


Distance from West Brabant to:




























Transport by rail

West Brabant is equally well accessible by rail. Breda for instance is situated on the international freight rail connection Rotterdam-Venlo with Germany and southern Europe as final destinations.

With the High Speed Rail becoming operational in 2006, transport by rail in the Breda area will reach an even higher level. From that moment on, Breda takes over the international rail function Roosendaal had, running all international train traffic through Breda. Breda will become the junction of the south.

Transport by air

International airports as Schiphol (Amsterdam) and Zaventem (Brussels) can be reached within one hour from the heart of the region of West Brabant. Regional Airports can be found in Rotterdam, about three quarters of an hour drive from Roosendaal, Eindhoven at the same distance and Antwerp at half an hour’s drive.

Transport by water

The only deep seaport in the Southern part of the Netherlands is situated in West Brabant: in Moerdijk to be precise. The Moerdijk port is currently able to accommodate vessels with a draught up to 7,40 metres, within a few years even 8,40 metres. Moreover, Moerdijk has a container terminal with a daily shuttle service to the port of Rotterdam, as well as its own railroad connection.

Bergenop Zoom also has well-equipped harbour facilities and, with a draught of approximately 4 metres, seagoing vessels are welcome. It possesses a container terminal for inland shipping, a facility developed by Van den Bosch Transport in conjunction with the municipality and NV REWIN West Brabant. An attractive concept for bustling Bergen op Zoom because, with this facility, containers can be transported to and from Antwerp and Rotterdamdaily. A modality that leads to avoiding the congestion in the Randstad conurbation and the Antwerp Ring, but one, moreover, that also generates a cost advantage of more than ninety euro per container.