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Market Entry and Penetration Strategy

The basic driver for demand of Australian Culinary Foods products is consumer understanding:

  1. Establish in consumers mind what product does (what it is for)
  2. How to use the product
  3. Product recognition on shelf

The marketing strategies required for entry and developments of the market   are to:

  • Use an Australian Chef for promotions and sample demonstrations for selected categories.
  • Develop marketing DVD presentations to be shown as in store promotions, running continuously on dedicated DVDs and monitors. These will be used with Chef promotions for some categories. They will be provided to other retailers and wholesalers.
  • Other promotional activities of individual categories. This will include provision of samples and sample bins in stores. Posters and pamphlets, recipe leaflets and shelf wobblers, promo stands and counter, stand-up print boards, will support samples. As shown below, each category will be individually promoted and individualised.

Australian Chef presentations

To help establish this consumer understanding, an Australian chef will be used to give necessary cut through in product acceptability. This will take the form of “Umbrella” activity, which many of the products will utilise.

Australian Culinary Services will use the services of the specialised Australian Culinary Foods Chef for 12 weeks of the year – this will include attending food shows in both Holland and UK, with time also spent in producing promotional literature and DVD editorials.