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Sample Strategies

Part of our business will be to provide samples to our customers this is an area that needs to be strictly controlled from within the product movement. From manufacturers, an amount of samples need to be included in each order.

From many years working in the industry, sampling is a big part in enticing awareness and consumer demands for the products. Through our EMDG, we will be able to maximize this procedure.

Samples are not provided per se to all distributors. They are provided in new areas, direct to key users, who then spread the word and with other potential customers, they apply pressure to distributors for making stock available.

Some distributors are on a try or buy arrangement until they start taking orders. In addition, some distributors are offered samples to provide them with incentives and working models for demonstration.

In store promotions and product giveaways 

  • In-store demonstrations and product giveaways are central to promoting Australian Culinary Foods brands and products.
  • We calculate with an average hourly rate per person of 20 euro appr. Most    companies have fixed rates for travel; calculate with appr 20 euro per person per day. Extra costs to consider like travel, marketing material, banner, cooking facilities if required.